Swap & Exchange Your NFTs On Both Ethereum And Solana

NFBarter is a Web3 Protocol For Trading Non-Fungible tokens Between Etherum and Solana Blockchains in a safe and efficient way.

About NFbarter

Trade and Swap Multiple NFTs In A Single Transaction

Swap and Trade Your NFTs Across Multiple Blockchains

Pay Transaction Fees Using $NFB Tokens

Set Up Your Own NFT Shop and Take All The Fees

Hold $NFB Tokens To Access Exclusive Offers and Discounts


  • Create

    Anyone can create an NFT collection Using NFbarter with drag and drop capabilities

  • Trade

    NFbarter will allow anyone to buy and sell NFTs across different blockchains in a simple and easy to use platform

  • Swap

    Swap NFTs on both Cardano & Milkomeda Blockchains with a decentralized escrow mechanism

  • Farm

    Put your Idle NFTs to use as you can use your NFTs from blue chip Cardano Projects to Farm for $NFB tokens

$NFB Token